My mission is to guide you, in a fun and engaging way, through the wonderful world of Tuscan wine; to give you an unforgettable experience of the world-renowned products that are the pride and joy of my native soil. 

By choosing my company, I guarantee an experience unlike those offered by the many companies whose objectives are purely commercial; I'll drive you to wineries big and small, owned and run by people with the sole purpose of continuing our rich tradition and culture through wine production of the highest quality. 

The wineries that I have chosen are recognised by all the most important Italian and international guides and publications and represent the best-established names in the world of prestige oenology. Rather than a bored employee on bar duty, you will find dedicated, welcoming people, on occasion the owners themselves, who will guide you through this fascinating world; and it will be my pleasure to accompany you on this marvellous experience - I look forward to meeting you soon!